International Trust Laws

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International Trust Laws is the most reliable global source of reference on international trusts available and provides an easily accessible route to the information needed to advise clients confidently. This major work has a team of editors from XXIV Old Buildings, led by David Brownbill KC. David and his fellow editors, Adam Cloherty, Edward Cumming KC, Timothy Sherwin and Daniel Warents, are all barristers specialising in international trust work.

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Issue 109, September 2023

Update Information

  • Section A – Digests
    Chapter 26 Ireland
    Chapter 35 San Marino

  • Section D – Statutes
    Appendix 1: England
  • Contributors

    David Brownbill KC  Consultant editor
    Daniel Warents  General editor
    Timothy Sherwin  General editor
    Adam Cloherty  General editor
    Edward Cumming KC  General editor