International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law


IIC provides access to extensive information and documentary material concerning international developments and judicial practice in the fields of patent, copyright, design, trade mark and unfair competition law, and restraints of competition. IIC publishes articles, opinions and reports analysing international and national legislation and case law or undertaking comparative studies of law. It closely monitors trends at the harmonisation of laws in the European Union and elsewhere. IIC further reports on international case law, such as that of the European Court of Justice or the European Patent Office, and on jurisprudence emanating from various national jurisdictions. It also publishes reviews of important books in the areas concerned.

IIC is one of the most renowned and respected academic journals dealing with intellectual property and competition law. It has been published since 1970 by the leading research institute in the field, the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law. The founding editors include Eugen Ulmer, Friedrich-Karl Beier and Gerhard Schricker. The current editors William R. Cornish, Josef Drexl, Reto M. Hilty and Jochen Pagenberg are assisted by worldwide correspondents and a scholarly staff. IIC appears eight times per year in English. The journal is also available online at Westlaw International and Beck-Online.

Online ISSN: 2195-0237
Print ISSN: 0018-9855