International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family


The subject matter of the International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family comprises the following: analyses of the law relating to the family which carry an interest beyond the jurisdiction dealt with, or which are of a comparative nature; theoretical analyses of family law; sociological literature concerning the family which is of special interest to law and legal policy; social policy literature of special interest to law and the family; literature in related disciplines (such as medicine, psychology, demography) which is of special relevance to law and the family; research findings in the above areas; reviews of books and relevant reports.

Online ISSN: 1464-3707
Print ISSN: 1360-9939

Volume 33, Issue 3, 1 DECEMBER 2019

Int J Law Policy Family (2019) 33 (3): 277


From Stranger to Family or Something in Between: Donor Linking in an Era of Retrospective Access to Anonymous Sperm Donor Records in Victoria, Australia
One Parent, Three Parents: Judges and Ontario's All Families Are Equal Act, 2016
The Parentage Disruption: A Comparative Approach
The Evolution of Joint Parenting in Poland: The Legal Perspective on Lessons Learned and Still to Be Learned
The Human Right to Gender Identity: From the International Human Rights Scenario to Latin American Domestic Legislation
Posthumously Conceived Children and Succession Law: A View from Ireland
Legal Gender Beyond the Binary

Book Review: Family Law and Family Realities


Dr Jonathan Herring , Exeter College, Oxford Book reviews editor
K Kiernan , UK Editorial board member
M Freeman , UK Editorial board member
M Maclean , UK Editorial board member
M Richards , UK Editorial board member
Mr John Eekelaar , Pembroke College, Oxford, UK Editor
Professor Robert Dingwall , University of Nottingham, UK Editor
S Cretney , UK Editorial board member