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Featuring up-to-date coverage of computer law as well as the application of computer technology to legal practice, this journal is designed to be of use to both lawyers and computer specialists.

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Online ISSN: 1464-3693
Print ISSN: 0967-0769

Volume 31, Issue 2, 1 JUNE 2023

Citation: Int J Law Info Tech (2023) 31 (2): 95


Transitional justice and online social platforms: Facebook and the Rohingya genocide
The questionable necessity of a new human right against being subject to automated decision-making
Digital assets and inheritance law: How to create fundamental principles of digital succession system?

Copyright Exhaustion: Law and Policy in the United States and the European Union


 Akira Saito Author
 Andres Guadamuz Author
 Dr. Stephen Saxby Author
 Gillian Black Author
 James Wilson Editor
 Robert C. Piasentin Author
 Ruth Brown Editor
 Yingru Chan Author