International Journal of Evidence and Proof


The International Journal of Evidence and Proof aims to provide in-depth analysis of important cases and legislation, providing practitioners and academics alike with comprehensive coverage of new developments in the law of evidence and the process of proof.

Primarily targeted at an academic audience, the journal offers authoritative coverage of the rules of evidence and the processes by which evidence is created. Topics of current interest include covert surveillance and police informants; debate about juries; ethical issues precluding the admission of certain evidence; the right to silence; identification procedures etc.

Online ISSN: 1740-5572
Print ISSN: 1365-7127

Volume 28 Issue 1, 1 JANUARY 2024

Citation: IJEP 28 1 (3)


 Louise Ellison Book reviews editor
 Professor Paul Roberts Editor
 Professor Rosemary Pattenden Editorial team member
 Roderick Bagshaw Case notes editor