International Journal of Constitutional Law


It examines an array of theoretical and practical issues and offers critical analysis of current issues and debates. In addition, ICON looks at global trends that carry constitutional implications. It features scholarly articles by international legal scholars, judges, and people from related fields, such as economics, philosophy, and political science.

Online ISSN: 1474-2659
Print ISSN: 1474-2640

Volume 18, Issue 1, 1 JANUARY 2020
Int J Constitutional Law (2020) 18 (1): 15


Editorial: COVID-19 and I•CON; Guest Editorial: Courts' relations; Once upon a time in Catalonia …; In this issue

Once Upon a Time in Catalonia…
Constitutional imaginations of the state: Afterword to the Foreword by Ran Hirschl and Ayelet Shachar
Space still matters: Toward even more pluralism in public law: Afterword to the Foreword by Ran Hirschl and Ayelet Shachar
Spatial statism: Afterword to the Foreword by Ran Hirschl and Ayelet Shachar
The subjects of spatial statism: Reclaiming politics and law in international entanglement: Afterword to the Foreword by Ran Hirschl and Ayelet Shachar
Spatial statism: A rejoinder
Shadow constitutional review: The dark side of pre-enactment political review in Ireland and Japan
Do constitutional entrenchment clauses matter? Constitutional review of constitutional amendments in Europe
Religion in human rights law: A normative restatement
Schmitt Fever: The use and abuse of Carl Schmitt in contemporary China
A review of two beliefs of parliamentary government in postwar Japan: Japanese/French beliefs beneath the British canopy
Participatory constitution-making: Introduction
When public participation matters: The 2010–2013 Icelandic constitutional process
Constitution-making and liberal democracy: The role of citizens and representative elites
Women and participatory constitutionalism
Participatory constitution-building in Fiji: A comparison of the 1993–1997 and the 2012– 2013 processes
Editors' choice of books 2019
The African National Congress and the birth of constitutionalism

Book Reviews: Poland's Constitutional Breakdown
Book Reviews: A Critique of Proportionality and Balancing
Book Reviews: The Canadian Contribution to a Comparative Law of Secession: Legacies of the Quebec Secession Reference
Book Reviews: Judicial Review and Strategic Behaviour: An Empirical Case Law Analysis of the Belgian Constitutional Court
Book Reviews: Implementing Environmental Constitutionalism— Current Global Challenges
Book Reviews: Justice and Profit in Health Care Law: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and the United Kingdom