ICLR: Probate/Family


The Law Reports, as published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales, with the full archive of all divisions from 1865. Published since 1865, The Law Reports are "the most authoritative reports". Both the High Court and the Court of Appeal require that where a case has been reported in the official Law Reports it must be cited from that source.

The Law Reports cover The House of Lords and Privy Council, The Court of Appeal, Chancery Division, Family Division and Queen's Bench Division, as well as the EAT and the ECJ. All the reporters are barristers or solicitors and are in court for the hearing and handing down of judgment. The reports are then sent to the judges concerned, for approval prior to publication. The distinguishing feature between The Weekly Law Reports and The Law Reports is that The Law Reports include arguments of counsel.

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