Howard & Hedger: Restructuring Law and Practice Second Edition

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Restructuring Law & Practice is the how-to bible for restructuring. The credit crunch and market volatility are driving an increase in restructurings.

No other book covers the practical aspects of out of court restructurings covering the consensual arena or looks at the law and practice in a sustained and systematic way.

Howard and Hedger bring a coherent and comprehensive approach to the complex practice of restructuring in the UK and beyond.

Benefits of Restructuring Law & Practice Second edition:

* Benefits from detailed analysis of the directors duties aspects post-CA 2006, application of International Accounting Standards, and detailed coverage of rights issues.

* First and only commentary on the steps practitioners need to take in a restructuring

* Practical, transactional focus combining a banking industry authority and a legal expert

* Walks readers through the practical steps of the transaction, warning what to look out for and advising re documents

* Gives insights into the documentation and all the practical actions that need to be taken

* Written in such a way as to be of immense value to accountants, lawyers and bankers