Henderson on Derivatives

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2nd Edition

An authoritative and practical major work, giving you an accurate and insightful guide to the full spectrum of derivatives, from the simplest to the most complex, as well as the law, regulation, documentation and practice surrounding them. This is the standard work on the subject for both novice and experienced practitioners alike.

The first edition of this comprehensive work quickly established itself as the leading authority on derivatives and the law and practice surrounding them.

The second edition of this in-depth practical guide encompasses all the changes since the last edition including:

* Relationship between the current crisis and derivatives, especially credit derivatives, regulation and structured finance
* The impact of bankruptcies including Lehman Brothers
* Regulatory changes in the US and other regimes
* The latest developments from the International Swaps & Derivatives Association
* Legislative changes affecting derivatives and variations to the choice of derivatives
* New case law


Schuyler K Henderson  Author