Halsbury's SI Citator

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Halsbury's SI Citator lists in alphabetical order the full title of statutory instruments dealt with by Halsbury's Statutory Instruments. Against each title is listed the instrument's serial number (SR & O from 1894, SI from 1948) or the date on which it was made. Instruments which are listed in italics are no longer in force. Beneath the title of each instrument is noted:

(a) its current status (amendment; revocation; lapsed; spent; superseded);
(b) any relevant cases;
(c) where possible, the enabling power; and
(d) where possible, the original commencement date.

Statutory instruments relating purely to Scotland or Northern Ireland, or those that are local in scope, are generally not included. However, amendments made to instruments of general application by instruments in the Scottish Statutory Instrument series are recorded.

The following abbreviations are used:
cp - certain purposes
E - England
ext (W) - where application has been extended to include Wales
NI - Northern Ireland
pt - in part
rem - remainder
S - Scotland
sav - savings
tp - transitional provisions
W - Wales

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