Gore-Browne on EU Company Law (Archive)

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Gore-Browne on EU Company Law explains the impact of EU Directives and Regulations on company law, taxation, accounting and insolvency. Analytical in approach, it examines and monitors forthcoming developments and Directives, analyses key cases from the European Court of Justice and discusses new EU business entities that are now available and are increasingly being used by Member States.

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Issue 84, December 2022

Three chapters have been amended for Issue 84:

Chapter 2A Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Chapter 18 European Union Corporate Tac Law: Legislation and Soft Law Initiatives

Chapter 19 EU Tax Law and Companies: Principles of the Court of Justice


Dr Ilaria Zavoli  Contributor
Dr Stephen T Hardy  Contributor
Richard Smith   Contributor
Paul Torremans  Contributor
Dr Miroslava (Mira) Marinova  Contributor
Dr Carsten Gerner-Beuerle  General editor
Dr Aristea Koukiadaki  Contributor
Alasdair Steel  Contributor
Dr Michael Schillig   Contributor
Irene-mari√© Esser  Contributor
Katherine Apps  Contributor
Dr Christiana HJI Panayi   Contributor
Dr Matteo Solinas  Contributor
Dr Jonathan Mukwiri  Contributor
Dr Gerard McCormack  Contributor
Andrew Henderson  Contributor
Dr Ekaete Efretuei  Contributor
Philippa Chatterton   Contributor