Goode: Consumer Credit Law and Practice

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Goode: Consumer Credit Law and Practice provides comprehensive commentary on the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and related legislation; as well as Rates and Rebates; Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes; VAT and EC materials; Non-contentious Forms; Contentious Forms; Official Forms; and a Directory.

[Note: All material from the Financial Conduct Authority is reproduced with their kind permission and remains FCA copyright.]

Issue 63 (August 2020)

This Issue of Goode: Consumer Credit Law and Practice includes updates to the following areas of the title:


Preliminary materials
  • Main Index

  • Tables

  • Division I - Commentary
  • Part IA Background, Credit Institutions and Instruments

  • Chapter 1
  • Part IC — Consumer Credit Legislation

  • Chapters 21A, 21B, 41, 45, 46, 48 and 49

    Division II — The Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • Part IIB — The Consumer Credit Act 1974

  • Division II – The Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • Part IIB – The Consumer Credit Act 1974

  • Division IV — Financial Services Regulation
  • Part A — Statutory sources other than CCA '74 and Regulations under CCA '74

  • Part B — Other Regulations under FSMA 2000

  • Part C — Consumer Credit Sourcebook (CONC)

  • Division V— Other statutes

    Division XII — Contentious Forms
  • Part H — Defences of the borrower, and claims for relief under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, arising out of events after the execution of the agreement

  • Please note that at page Fl-3 of the Filing Instructions for Issue 62 (Apr '20), subscribers were asked to:

  • Division XII – Contentious Forms

  • Goode: ARCHIVE Consumer Credit Law & Practice

    The Goode: ARCHIVE Consumer Credit Law & Practice is now available to Goode: Consumer Credit Law Practice online subscribers. The ARCHIVE contains commentary relating to consumer credit law and practice previously set out in Goode: Consumer Credit Law & Practice prior to the consumer credit regime change in April 2014.

    The ARCHIVE also contains revoked or repealed legislative materials that the General Editor and contributing editorial team felt should be retained for reference purposes but which, due to the limited physical capacity of the hardcopy binders, could only be retained in this online Archive.

    The ARCHIVE can be located here


    Stephen J MAKIN: Solicitor, Head of Lending - Legal, UK at HSBC UK, Birmingham  Editor
    Nazeer Chowdhury , BA, MPhil (Cambridge), Barrister, Henderson Chambers  Editor
    Peter Rott , Dr jur (Erlangen); Assoc Professor in Private Law, in particular European Private Law, University of Bremen  Editor
    Richard Mawrey QC , QC, MA (Oxon); Barrister, Henderson Chambers  Editor
    Dennis Rosenthal , BA (Hons), LLB (Wits); Barrister  Author
    Prof. Federico Ferretti : Associate Professor of Economic and Financial Markets Law, Department of Sociology and Economic Law, University of Bologna, Italy  Editor
    Roy Goode QC , CBE, QC, LLD, FBA, Hon DSc Econ (Lond) of the Inner Temple, Barrister; Emeritus Professor of Law in the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of St John's College, Oxford; Honorary Fellow of Queen Mary College, University of London; Honorary Bencher, Inner Temple, Sir  General editor
    Frank Johnstone: Solicitor, Consultant, Brodies LLP Solicitors, Glasgow  Editor