Garner's Environmental Law

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From an original work by the late J F Garner, Solicitor, Emeritus Professor of Public Law, University of Nottingham. New commentary is written by contributors at Landmark Chambers and at 6 Pump Court Chambers, with assistance from Terra Firma Chambers for Scottish Environmental Law.

Garner's Environmental Law is a comprehensive collection of UK Acts, statutory instruments, Scottish Acts and SIs, and EC source materials covering environmental law. The work now includes new authoritative commentary dealing with a range of topics from regulation, enforcement and disputes, to reporting and management, taxes and incentives, waste and hazardous substances, marine and pollution, conservation and habitats.

The service is fully maintained through regular issues, informing subscribers of forthcoming legislation, EC regulations and directives, cases and prosecutions.

Issue 125, March 2020

The following chapters have been updated to reflect recent changes:

  • 1B Statutory Review and Statutory Appeals 1B.88;

  • 2A Reporting and Management 2A.1;

  • 4A Contaminated Land 4A.1;

  • 7B Producer Responsibility 7B.1;

  • UK legislation has been updated to February 2020.
    EU legislation has been updated to January 2020.

    Update tables are included.
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