Roughton, Johnson and Cook on Patents

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Roughton, Johnson & Cook on Patents (formerly known as the Modern Law of Patents) is an essential resource for patent lawyers and patent attorneys. The title offers a fresh and comprehensive exposition of law and procedure relating to patents in the UK and Europe; and includes key precedents and court forms, covers useful historical information and materials, and also explores recent and future developments in patent law in one handy volume.

5th Edition, February 2022

Now in its fifth edition, the title has been fully revised and updated to take into account all the latest developments since the last edition, and includes coverage of:

• the impact of the UK leaving the European Union on patent law and practice (eg on jurisdiction, rules of exhaustion, SPCs, Border Regulation, EU compulsory licences, etc);
• key Supreme Court decisions and significant decisions of lower courts;
• important decisions of Enlarged Board at the EPO and the Technical Boards of Appeal; and
• retained EU case law and the rules of precedent under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.


Professor Phillip Johnson  General editor
 Ashley Roughton General editor
 Trevor Cook General editor