Fiduciary Duties: Directors and Employees

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Second Edition

Fiduciary Duties: Directors and Employees draws together in one volume the law relating to fiduciary duties in this context and analyses both its historical origins and its modern application by the Courts. Fiduciary duties have historically defied easy characterisation. This area of law as it relates to directors and employees is developing and complex. Directors and employees of companies acting out of self-interest have generated an increasing number of claims alleging breach of fiduciary duty.

 This book discusses in detail the law relating to the fiduciary duties owed by directors and employees to companies which is complex and involves several overlapping areas of law. It is, however, a relatively commonplace cause of action; individuals in positions of trust within a company are often tempted to abuse their position in order to steal company secrets, set up in competition, and poach staff and customers.

 This new edition of Fiduciary Duties contains commentary on a number of new cases alongside further commentary and analysis on the developing jurisprudence in relation to the fiduciary duties of LLP members and joint ventures.

 In addition discussion is conducted regarding the Court of Appeal decisions relating to Bolkiah information barriers in an employment context, together with evaluation of the relevant Commonwealth jurisprudence as it bears upon issues also arising under English law. As a result this new edition of Fiduciary Duties: Directors and Employees is an essential research reference for anyone practicing in this area of the law.


 Andrew Stafford QC Author
 Stuart Ritchie QC Author