Family Law Precedents Service

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Family Law Precedents Service is an exhaustive collection of precedents for applications and orders in respect of the most common - and many not so common - family proceedings is provided, together with a range of additional documents such as client care letters, declarations of trust and cohabitation agreements.

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Issue 57, September 2023

Update Information

We have pleasure in enclosing Issue 57 to Family Law Precedents Service. This issue contains amendments to Divisions General, B (Further Applications in the Main Application); C (Financial Orders); D (Miscellaneous Applications); E (Children); F (Inheritance); G (Injunctions); H (Trusts of Land); I (Cohabitation); J (Experts); L (Appeals) and N (Protected Parties).


Rachel Cooper  Contributor
Michael Keehan The Hon Mr Justice  General editor
Roger Bird LLB  Founding editor
Kathryn Major   Contributor
Michael Horton KC  Consultant editor
Marc Marin District Judge  Contributor
Victoria McCloud  Contributor
Her Honour Nasreen Pearce  Contributor
Alex Laing  Contributor
Jack Harrison  Contributor
 Ellie Foster Contributor