Family Law Leaves the EU - A Summary Guide for Practitioners

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Currency: 1st Edition, October 2020

Professor David Hodson OBE
Partner at The International Family Law Group LLP, London

Family Law Leaves the EU - A Summary Guide for Practitioners provides all family law practitioners with an accessible guide to the law and practice which will apply on the UK's final departure from the EU on 31 December 2020.
The government has indicated that the UK will not be party to any further EU laws, instead relying on existing international laws (eg Hague Conventions) to which we will be a party in our own right.
There will also be new provisions in national law, where previously EU law existed, and some court procedures will change.
This invaluable title provides an overview of the legal position and the practical issues which will arise in all areas of family law, including the preparatory steps which lawyers should take in readiness for departure, so as to advise clients effectively.

Key topics include:
• Governing laws
• Divorce
• Financial aspects
• Hague Convention 2007
• Lugano Convention
• Private children law
• Public children law
• Domestic violence
• Service and taking of evidence, ADR and legal aid
• Potential areas of EU/UK future co-operation