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Each issue of the European Journal of International Law provides a forum for the exploration of the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of international law as well as up-to-date analysis of topical issues. Additionally, it provides systematic coverage of the relationship between international law and the law of the European Union and its Member States.

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Volume 34, Issue 3, 5 AUGUST 2023

Citation: Eur J Int Law (2023) 34 (3): 545


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The (Non-)Use of African Law by the International Criminal Court
Judicial Independence and Impartiality: Tenure Changes at the European Court of Human Rights
The Alchemy of the Right to Life during the Conduct of Hostilities: A Normative Approach to Operationalizing the 'Supreme Right'
Roaming Charges Places with a Soul: Salon
In Defence of Future Generations: A Reply to Stephen Humphreys
International Law Must Respond to the Reality of Future Generations: A Reply to Stephen Humphreys
Taking Future Generations Seriously: A Rejoinder to Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh, Ayan Garg and Shubhangi Agarwalla, and Peter Lawrence
Unmasking the Term 'Dual Use' in EU Spyware Export Control
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Book Reviews: Democracies and International Law
Book Reviews: Rewriting Histories of the Use of Force: The Narrative of 'Indifference'
Book Reviews: Global Gender Constitutionalism and Women's Citizenship
Book Reviews: German Practice in International Law
Book Reviews: Transnational Organized Crime: Challenging International Law Principles on State Jurisdiction


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