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With its distinctive combination of theoretical and practical approaches to the issues of international law, the European Journal of International Law offers readers the opportunity to stay in touch with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving area.

Each issue of the European Journal of International Law provides a forum for the exploration of the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of international law as well as up-to-date analysis of topical issues. Additionally, it provides systematic coverage of the relationship between international law and the law of the European Union and its Member States.

Online ISSN: 1464-3596
Print ISSN: 0938-5428

Volume 30, Issue 4, 1 NOVEMBER 2019

Citation: Eur J Int Law (2019) 30 (4): 1087

Editorial: Celebrating Peer Review: EJIL's Roll of Honour and Announcement of the first EJIL Peer Review Prize; Brexit – Apportioning the Blame; Once Upon a Time in Catalonia…;10 Good Reads; In This Issue

Grotius' 'Rule of Law' and the Human Sense of Justice: An Afterword to Martti Koskenniemi's Foreword
International Legal Histories as Orders: An Afterword to Martti Koskenniemi's Foreword
The Rule of Law: Sociology or Normative Theory? An Afterword to Martti Koskenniemi's Foreword
Judging International Judgments Anew? The Human Rights Courts before Domestic Courts
Entrepreneurial Justice: Syria, the Commission for International Justice and Accountability and the Renewal of International Criminal Justice
'But the Last Word Is Ours': The Monopoly of Jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Light of the Investment Court System
Roaming Charges: Kaleidoscope Special Anniversary Edition
The Psychology of International Law: An Introduction
Experimental Insights for International Legal Theory
Nudge Goes International
Rulers or Rules? International Law, Elite Cues and Public Opinion
Outcome Bias and Expertise in Investigations under International Humanitarian Law
Cognitive Sociology, Social Cognition and Coping with Racial Discrimination in International Law
Debiasing International Economic Law
How Should We Think about the Winners and Losers from Globalization? Three Narratives and Their Implications for the Redesign of International Economic Agreements
How Should We Think about the Winners and Losers from Globalization? A Reply to Nicolas Lamp
Changing Global Dynamics and International Competition Law: Considering China's Potential Impact
Should China's Competition Model be Exported?: A Reply to Wendy Ng
Impressions - Reviving a Tradition
The Last Page

Book Reviews: Human Rights in Global Health: Rights-Based Governance for a Globalizing World
Book Reviews: Justice Framed: A Genealogy of Transitional Justice.
Book Reviews: Gender, Alterity and Human Rights: Freedom in a Fishbowl.
Book Reviews: Good Faith in International Investment Arbitration.


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