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Environmental law is a subject which, by the very nature of the subject matter, crosses many jurisdictions. Pollution across borders is an obvious example, but the assessment of environmental risk is a growing area for lawyers worldwide and again risks know no boundaries and can cross states and nations. Environmental Law Review has quickly established itself as a forum for critical discussion of current and developing ideas in environmental law. It maintains a dialogue between leading edge practitioners and academics in the fields of environmental law, environmental management and business. Whatever your professional interest, you will benefit from the analyses, criticisms and recommendations of colleagues and competitors published in Environmental Law Review. The journal keeps you in touch with current issues in UK law and policy, as well as crucial new developments in European and nternational law ensuring the you and your clients are operating within the law.

Online ISSN: 1740-5564
Print ISSN: 1461-4529

1 MARCH 2020, Volume 22, Issue 1

Citation: ELR 22 1 (3)


Future development and the need for sustainable affordable social housing: How do we get from here to there?
In defence of natural beauty: Aesthetic obligation and the law on the designation of protected landscapes in England and Wales
Wild rice protectors: An Ojibwe odyssey
Quarterly Comment by Trinity Chambers

Case Notes
Langton v Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Badger cull in the Court of Appeal

Book Reviews: Agricultural Land Use and Natural Gas Extraction Conflicts: A Global Socio-Legal Perspective


Antonia Layard , University of Exeter Case notes editor
Brian Jack , Queen's University of Belfast Case notes editor
Christopher Miller , University of Salford Book reviews editor
Edward Keeble , Slaughter and May Update editor
Herbert Smith Case notes editor
Karen Morrow , University of Leeds Legislation editor
Maria Cull Case notes editor
Professor Christopher Rodgers , University of Newcastle Co-editor
Professor Lynda Warren , University of Wales Aberystwyth Co-editor