Emergency Remedies in the Family Court

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Recognised as the standard reference work on the subject, Emergency Remedies in the Family Court gives practical guidance on how all emergency applications should be made and is available as an online or print subscription.

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Issue 57, February 2024

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In this issue all the divisions have been updated to include relevant statutory changes, case law practice and procedure and practice directions. In particular:
The following divisions have been updated in this issue: Division General (Legal Aid and Emergency Remedies), Division A (Applications under the Children Act 1989), Division B (Wardship and the Inherent Jurisdiction), Division C (Adoption), Division D (Child Abduction: Registration and Enforcement), Division E (Personal Protection and Occupation of the Family Home), Division F (Protection of Family Property), Division G (Restriction of Publicity), Division H (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) and Appendix A5 (CPR 1998 Practice Directions).


Ann Osborne  Contributor
Mai-Ling Savage  Contributor
Nigel Fricker KC  Founding editor
Monika Bindal  Contributor
Hannah Rought-Brooks  Contributor
Lorna Cservenka  Contributor
Amanda Weston KC  Contributor
Lyndsey Sambrooks-Wright  Contributor
 Ellie Foster Contributor
Her Honour Nasreen Pearce BA, LLB General editor