Education Law Handbook

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Source Currency: 1st Edition December 2021

General Editors: Holly Stout and Paul Greatorex With a team of specialist contributors
The Education Law Handbook is a comprehensive textbook for legal practitioners covering all areas of education law from pre-school to university. It has been written by a judge and a team of specialist education law barristers at 11KBW in London, the leading education law chambers in the country, with contributions from other experts. It is structured according to the four main phases of education:

(1) pre-school and nurseries
(2) schooling for children of compulsory school age
(3) sixth-form and further education
(4) higher education

The law applicable to all types of schools, colleges and universities is explained, and themes such as special educational needs, transport, negligence, discrimination and human rights are all dealt with in detail, as is the law applicable to teachers and other staff and governing bodies.