Duncan and Neill on Defamation and other media and communication claims

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Duncan and Neill, part of the Butterworths Common Law Series, is a leading authority on defamation law and related types of action, such as privacy, misuse of private information, malicious falsehood, harassment and data protection. It provides a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of recent legislation and key case law and covers relevant changes in practice and procedure.

Recently cited in the Supreme Court, this title is an essential addition to the legal library of all practitioners who specialise in this area, as well as students and generalists who require a clear overview of the subject.


Fifth Edition, 1 August 2020


This Fifth edition of Duncan and Neill has been retitled Duncan and Neill on Defamation and other media and communication claims and has been fully edited and revised to take account of recent legal developments.

Key updates for this new edition include:

  • An exploration of the latest law and practice on the determination of 'meaning', and the approach of the courts to publications on social media following the Supreme Court decision in Stocker v Stocker

  • What the 'serious harm' test means in light of the Supreme Court decision in Lachaux v Independent Print Ltd

  • How the 'public interest' defence looks after the Supreme Court decision in Serafin v Malkiewicz

  • Developments in cases with an international element, including on jurisdiction and the 'libel tourism' provision

  • Up-to-date guide to practice and procedure, following the effective abolition of jury trial for defamation cases and the creation of the 'Media and Communications' List

  • Covers key developments in related causes of action, eg claims for misuse of private information and for harassment, and the data protection regime as it applies to publication cases

  • Topics covered:
    Common Law, TMT, Information Law, Defamation, Media and Communications

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