Corporate Finance: IPO & M&A 4th Edition

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Source Currency: Fourth Edition

Based on 40 years’ experience of corporate finance in the Asia-Pacific region and the UK, Corporate Finance: IPO & M&A describes the theory and practice of these complex, inter-related and dynamic areas. With a strong practical emphasis, this book discusses the latest developments in IPO and M&A, identifies key driving forces and describes appropriate strategies and execution techniques.

The introductory section in Part 1 covers over-arching concepts of corporate securities, valuation/pricing and corporate governance. Part 2 builds on this to provide a detailed analysis of the IPO life-cycle and Part 3 elaborates on the cut and thrust of M&A deals.

The fourth edition of Sabine’s popular work has been fully updated and includes new material that takes into account recent developments, including innovations in IPOs, such as the rise of private equity, new techniques in allocation/pricing and the use of SPACs; changes in the driving forces and participants in the M&A market and developments in how deals are identified and financed; and challenges arising for IPO and M&A in an age of heightened ESG concerns.

Completely comprehensive in coverage and clearly written, Corporate Finance: IPO & M&A provides the reader with a framework for the analysis, implementation and understanding of corporate finance transactions which will remain valid as different markets and specific techniques evolve. The book is essential reading for corporate finance practitioners, their legal and other professional advisers and for commentators and participants in equity markets in general.