Consumer and Trading Standards Law and Practice

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CURRENCY: The law is stated as at 05 November 2023

Consumer and Trading Standards: Law and Practice is an authoritative and comprehensive guide for everyone involved in consumer, trading standards and regulatory law. This book covers the full range of work undertaken by consumer law practitioners, regulators, regulatory lawyers and trading standards officers in local authorities.

The user friendly text provides a clear and exhaustive analysis of the law including case-law and its application, wording of statutory provisions, together with expert commentary and analysis of the practical issues.

The twelfth edition has been fully updated and covers recent developments in this area of law including:

    - Full review of local authority territorial jurisdiction following the seminal decisions of the Court of Appeal in R v AUH (1) and (2).
    - Analysis of all the new EU and domestic authorities on the meaning of consumer in retained EU consumer law provisions.
    - Consideration of the recent High Court decisions on the application of UK consumer law on unfair terms to overseas contracts.
    - In-depth assessment of the new law and procedure for compliance with time limit provisions when laying informations and its impact on the Bakers of Nailsea problem.
    - A new section on the General Prohibition as it applies to financial services offered to consumers.
    - An update of all the new consumer and regulatory statutory provisions and case law.

Consumer and Trading Standards: Law and Practice covers the law in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Jonathan Kirk KC  Author
Gough Square Chambers  Author