Construction Law Reports

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Construction Law Reports gives systematic coverage of the judgments of the Technology and Construction Court, the specialist court of the construction industry, and appellate decisions therefrom. Judgments of relevance from other courts and jurisdictions are also included. The series reports the full text of judgments, using approved transcripts. The reports deal with major liability cases; important building contract cases, including those involving the interpretation of standard form construction contracts; claims by and against local authorities relating to statutory duties, public health legislation and building legislation; and claims relating to work done, materials supplied or services rendered. The relevant facts of each judgment and the principles of law applied are summarised in the headnotes. The archive of Construction Law Reports available on LexisLibrary goes back to Volume 1 (1983/84).


Philip Boulding QC
Simon Hughes QC
Adam Constable QC
Jane Lemon QC
Calum Lamont
William Webb

James Thompson
Jennie Wild
Paul Bury
Sarah Williams

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