Company Voluntary Arrangements and Administrations

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3rd Edition, March 2013

Company Voluntary Arrangements and Administrations provides the vital information that all insolvency practitioners need to make informed decisions on the effective procedure for the use of CVAs and administrations. The book provides a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of CVAs and administrations, the prescribed procedure and the likely problem areas to select the best course of action. In addition, the section on administrations has been extended.

This new edition reflects changes in legislation, particularly the detailed procedures set out in The Insolvency (Amendment) Rules 2010, together with new case-law including:

  • Re Kayley Vending Ltd

  • Re Eurodis Texim Electronics SA

  • Charalambous v B & C Associates

  • Bank of Scotland plc v Targetfollow Properties Holdings Ltd

  • Minmar (929) Ltd v Khalatschi

  • Re Capitol Films Ltd