Companies Limited by Guarantee

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Edition: 4th
Companies Limited by Guarantee provides a complete guide to the formation, administration and winding up of companies limited by guarantee and their suitability for a diverse range of purposes. It includes full coverage of:

  • The nature and purposes, the advantages and disadvantages and consideration of the circumstances in which they are used

  • The company's constitution, including company names, its objects, the guarantee and the content and effect of the articles

  • Methods of financing a company limited by guarantee

  • Membership of the company, including admission and expulsion of members

  • The directors of the company, their appointment, removal and duties

  • The calling, requisition and conduct of company meetings

  • Reorganisation, takeovers and winding-up of companies limited by guarantee

  • Precedent clauses for the company’s constitution are also included, along with useful checklists for lawyers and company secretaries.

  • This new edition updates the text to take into account the provisions that have been introduced under the Charities Act 2011 including:
  • The new charitable form of Charitable Incorporated Organisations under the Charities Act 2011 and the related provisions contained in CIO (General Regulations 2012) along with explanation of where existing charities can adapt the new charitable form

  • Update on annual filing requirements (Charitable Companies)

  • Amendments to legislation relating to Scotland and Northern Ireland

  • Update of model articles of a company with additional clauses for use by a property company and a procedure for expulsion of a member.


 Josh Lewison Author
 Mark Mullen Author