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Common Law World Review is a forum for in-depth analysis of major legal developments throughout the common law world with extended coverage of issues from all regions. A distinguished team of Corresponding editors has been brought together to ensure that there is proper consideration of significant legal developments from all parts of the common law world. Each quarter, a corresponding editor will either contribute or commission an article on a significant recent development in that part of the common law with which they are most familiar. As well as the United Kingdom and the US, there are contributions from Canada, South East-Asia, New Zealand, Australia, India and Africa. It is intended that smaller common law jurisdictions should be included in the coverage of the journal.

Online ISSN: 1740 5556
Print ISSN: 1473 7795

Volume 49, Issue 2, 1 JUNE 2020

Citation: CLWR 49 2 (99)


Reform of civil procedure in Cyprus: Delivering justice in a more efficient and timely way
Through which glass darkly? Constitutional principle in legality and constitutionality review


Dr Charlotte Villiers Editorial committee member
Dr Nicola Peart , Otago University, New Zealand Overseas corresponding editor
Dr Oliver Quick Editorial committee member
Dr Rachel Murray Editorial committee member
Dr Stephen Watterson , University of Bristol Book reviews editor
Professor Caroline Bradley , University of Miami Overseas corresponding editor
Professor David Clarke , University of Bristol Editor
Professor Gerald McMeel Editorial committee member
Professor Keith Stanton , University of Bristol Editor
Professor Peter Cane , Australian National University Overseas corresponding editor