Negligence: Buckley - The Law of Negligence and Nuisance (Common Law Series)

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This title provides clear and accessible explanation and interpretation of the current law across the field of negligence.It draws upon recent cases and judicial pronouncements and includes references to case law from jurisdictions outside the UK. Professional negligence is covered in detail as it is a rapidly growing area of law.

Sixth Edition (incorporating 2020 Online Update)

The Law of Negligence and Nuisance touches on many areas of professional practice, and is an increasingly complex and growing area of business for solicitors. Claimants are securing large sums of compensation from organisations of all kinds, such as manufacturers, healthcare providers, government departments, and transport companies. Putting individuals, or corporations, at risk of injury or loss by neglecting to take due care is an issue which can arise in almost any situation.

Negligence is a major topic for those dealing with medical and personal injury law, consumer law, and the liability of public authorities. The thorough exposition of the subject makes this book an essential addition to the library of any solicitor's firm.

The Law of Negligence was amalgamated with the Law of Nuisance in 2005 so combines commentary on the correlated laws of nuisance and negligence. It is designed to provide practitioners and academics with a clear and accessible explanation and interpretation of all significant judicial pronouncements and legislation across the field of negligence.