Clarke Hall & Morrison on Children

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Acknowledged as being the leading work on both the civil jurisdiction of the family courts and the criminal jurisdiction of the youth courts, Clarke, Hall and Morrison gathers together all the legislation, circulars and guidance notes that relate to every aspect of child law. It also includes useful procedural tables, checklists, precedents and flowcharts. Expert commentary explains and clarifies the law throughout and makes sure that the reader is fully aware of its practical implications. The work includes expert analysis of all the relevant case law and contains all relevant source materials accompanied by explanatory commentary. SOURCE CURRENCY Issue 116, November 2023 The following chapters have been updated Binder 1Division 1: Cardinal Principles and Jurisdiction Chapter 1 Parentage Chapter 3 The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Convention on Human Rights Chapter 5 Parental responsibility Chapter 6 The Cardinal Principles of the Children Act 1989 Chapter 8 Jurisdiction Division 2: Part II of the Children Act 1989: Private Law Proceedings Chapter 2 Section 8 Orders Division 3: Financial Provision for Children Chapter 2 The courts 2019; powers Chapter 3 Maintenance under the Child Support Act 1991 Division 5: International Child Abduction and Protection Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Recovering a child taken outside England and Wales Chapter 3 Children removed to and from Member States (other than Denmark) of the European Union
Chapter 4 Children removed to and from the United Kingdom: 1980 Convention Countries
Chapter 5 Child Protection Division 6: Wardship and Inherent Jurisdiction Chapter 1 Wardship Chapter 2 The Inherent Jurisdiction Division 9: Part IV of the Children Act 1989: Care Proceedings Chapter 1 Care proceedings Division 10: Adoption Chapter 4 Placement for adoption Chapter 5 Adoption Procedure Division 11: Practice and Procedure Chapter 4 Enforcement of orders Binder 2 Division 13: Care Standards Chapter 1 Care standards and safeguarding of children Division 14: Youth Justice Chapter 1 The youth justice system Chapter 3 Investigation of criminal offences Chapter 4 The criminal courts Chapter 5 Sentences and orders of the court Binder 3 Division D: International Abduction Protection Statutes The following has been updated: Child Abduction and Custody Act 1984 Child Abduction And Custody (Parties To Conventions) Order 1986


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