Claims to the Possession of Land

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Claims to the Possession of Land sets out and explains the law and procedure of each type of possession claim. With nearly 300 comprehensive forms and precedents, which are readily adaptable for a whole range of cases, it provides a complete and thorough exposition of this complex subject.

It offers up-to-date information on a regular basis to property and litigation lawyers, property managers, landlords, tenants and other occupiers. This source has been extensively revised and updated to take account of all new case law as well as changes in legislation. It includes full coverage of the Civil Procedure Rules as well as the cases decided under the new rules.

Claims to the Possession of Land is the primary and portable reference work for every type of possession action - both for those seeking possession and those resisting it.

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Issue 50, November 2023

Main Title: Updates
The following parts of this title have been updated for Issue 50 (November ‘23):

Division B: Tenancies
  • Chapter B1 (The determination of tenancies), Chapter B2 (Forfeiture), Chapter B3 (Covenants) have been updated.

  • Division C: Residential Tenancies
  • Chapter C1 (Common concepts of residential tenancies), Chapter C2 (Rent Act Protection), Chapter C3 (Assured Tenancies), Chapter C4 (The secure tenancy regime), Chapter C6 (Counterclaims and countermeasures by residential tenants) have been updated.

  • Division E: agriculture
  • Chapter E1 (The homes of agricultural workers) has been updated.

  • Division F: Possession by mortgagees
  • Chapter F1 (Mortgages) has been updated.

  • Division G: Procedure
  • Chapter G2 (The limitation of actions) has been updated.

  • Appendix
  • Appendix 1 (Pre-action Protocols), Appendix 2 (Protection from Eviction), Appendix 3 (Access for Inspection, Repair and Improvement), Appendix 4 (Chattels and Fixtures left behind when Possession Changes Hands) have been updated.

  • The Index has been updated.


    Adrian Davis  Author
     Emma Godfrey Author