Civil Court Service (The Brown Book)

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Civil Court Service 2023

Published annually, the Brown Book comprises:

  • Procedural Guides - Step-by-step guides to court applications and procedures, with references to applicable rules, statutory provisions, case-law and fees.

  • Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions - Each Part of the CPR contains a General Introduction comprising an Overview of the Part, significant recent developments, and details of the relevant Procedural Guides and court forms, together with detailed commentary on the rules.

  • Other Practice Directions - Other relevant practice directions for practice in the civil courts

  • Pre-Action Protocols - Full text of all Pre-Action Protocols with expert commentary.

  • Court Guides - Full text of all relevant court guides.

  • Fees - Full text of the latest fees orders.

  • Statutory Materials - Related statutory materials.

Civil Court Service ('The Brown Book') provides access to the full text of the CPR and all relevant materials in a single volume, combined with authoritative commentary from a team of leading judges and practitioners. The Brown Book provides concise, relevant commentary to practitioners who need fast and reliable answers to procedural matters in the civil courts.

Civil Court Service provides the latest amendments to legislation and guidance, all expertly annotated to keep you up to date. The content is up to date to October 2023.

The rule changes are those included in the Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2023, SI 2023/105, the Civil Procedure (Amendment No 2) Rules 2023, SI 2023/572 and the Civil Procedure (Amendment No 3) Rules 2023, SI 2023/788.

The changes to Practice Directions are taken from the 153rd to the 159th Updates to Practice Directions.

These statutory updates are accompanied by revised and updated commentary, with explanation, clarification and details of new cases decided.

Revisions to the King's Bench Guide (May 2023), the Chancery Guide (June 2023), the Guide to the Intellectual Property Small Claims Track (July 2023), the Senior Courts Costs Office Guide (July 2023), the Commercial Court Guide (July 2023) and the Circuit Commercial Court Guide (August 2023) have also been incorporated.