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Written in a clear format with easy-to-use language, Jordan Publishing Charities Administration Service keeps you up to date with the latest compliance requirements and developments. It will save you many hours, and will save you a multiple of the subscription-price in terms of professional advice-fees, with its sample forms, handy checklists and model policies, all professionally drafted and ready to be downloaded, adapted and used. Whether you are a company secretary, trustee, chief executive, accountant or senior external adviser, this resource is a must for you.

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Issue 81, October 2023

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Issue 81 includes updated versions of the following chapters: Division A (Setting up and registering a charity), Division C (Constitutional amendments and restructuring), Division G (Public accountability and reporting), Division H (Personnel), Division R (Intellectual property), Division V (Scotland) and Division W (Northern Ireland Dispute Resolution and Credit Control).


Sarah Burrows  General editor
Greyham Dawes FCA, DChA  General editor
 Cecile Gillard General editor
 Con Alexander General editor
 Debbie McIlwraith Cameron General editor