Case Overview

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Case Overview is a daily updated comprehensive database of over 300,000 case records, dating from 1502, which provides procedural history, annotations, keywords, summaries and links to all subscribed versions of a case.
Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.


A traffic light system takes into account both the procedural history and the subsequent judicial consideration of a case.

IconSignalNegative - Negative Treatment Icon: This indicates that the decision has been subsequently reversed, disapproved or overruled.

IconSignalPossibleNegative - Cautionary Treatment Icon: this indicates that the decision has had some doubt cast on it.

IconSignalPositive - Positive Treatment Icon: This indicates that the decision has received positive treatment: affirmed, applied etc.

IconSignalNeutral - Neutral Treatment Icon: This indicates that the decision has received neutral or ambivalent treatment: considered, explained etc.

IconSignalCiteInfoOnly - Citation Information Icon: This indicates that no treatment has been given and that only citation information is available.

Citations to a wide range of law reports are included to show where cases have been reported in full and how to cite them, with hyperlinks to LexisNexis reports for effortless connection.

Concise digests and annotations that reveal how a case has been judicially considered.

AppealTracker - An appeal tracker shows the details, stages and dates of appeal.