Butterworths Wills Probate and Administration Service Precedents

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Forms & Precedents

BWPAS Precedents contains fully annotated precedents on all areas of probate and administration law and practice, from planning and drafting a will, through administration of the estate and taxation, to after-death variations, family provision and litigation.

The precedents contained within this source are from Butterworths Wills, Probate and Administration Service.


Issue 100, September 2017

The following topics are covered:

  • Wills: Forms and Precedents
  • Wills - Providing for Disabled Beneficiaries: Forms and Precedents
  • Obtaining the Grant: Forms and Precedents
  • Administration of the Estate: Forms
  • After-death Variations: Forms
  • Contentious Matters: Forms
  • Family Provision: Forms


Jonathan Pratt  Editor
Anna Burnside  Editor
Simon Jennings  Editor
A M Wilton  Emeritus editor
Matthew Pintus  Editor
Nazreen Pearce  Editor
Lynnette Bober  Editor
Sian Hodgson  Editor
Clive V. Margave-Jones  Editor
Lesley Lintott  General editor
Charles Lloyd  Editor
Julie Burton  Editor
R T Oerton  Emeritus editor
Laura Dadswell  Editor
Gordon R Ashton  Emeritus editor
David T. Davies  Emeritus editor
Martin Davey  Editor
Tom Henderson  Editor
Michael Parkinson  Editor
Cherry E. Wright  Emeritus editor
Simon Ennals  Editor