Butterworths Wills Probate and Administration Service

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Butterworths Wills Probate and Administration Service (BWPAS) contains clear, step-by-step guidance on all areas of probate and administration law and practice, from planning and drafting a will, through administration of the estate and taxation, to after-death variations, family provision and litigation. Combining narrative text with precedents and source materials, it offers commentary and advice from leading experts. BWPAS includes precedents (fully annotated and presented clause by clause where appropriate) and worked examples. There is a separate section on provision of wills for disabled beneficiaries; and tax considerations are emphasised throughout.

NB. Divisions J and K are not reproduced in this source as they are purely legislative material. They can be found online however within UK Parliament Acts or UK Parliament Statutory Instruments.


Issue 133, March 2024

The following divisions have been updated:

Binder 1
Division D—Obtaining the Grant Narrative
Chapter 2 Entitlement to the Grant
Chapter 3 Procedure

Binder 2
Division E— Administration of the Estate: Narrative
Chapter 2A Presumption of Death and Missing Persons

Division H— Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975: Narrative
Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975

Division HP— Forms
Application under section 1 of the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975

Division I— State Benefits: Narrative
Chapter 1 State Benefits

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R T Oerton , Solicitor (Hons), Sir George Fowler Prizeman, Consultant with Bircham & Co (now Bircham Dyson Bell) (retired)  Emeritus editor
Cherry E. Wright , LLB (London), Solicitor (Hons), STEP, Partner, Hugh James (retired)  Emeritus editor
Clive V. Margave-Jones , MA, LLM (Cantab), Solicitor (Hons), Principal, Margraves; Lecturer (part–time) University College of Wales, Aberystwyth  Editor
Jacob Ward  Editor
David T. Davies ,RD, BA, FTII, Solicitor, Senior Partner Penningtons Solicitors LLP (retired)  Emeritus editor
Laura Dadswell Partner  Editor
Jonathan Pratt  Editor
Charles Lloyd Charles Lloyd , LLB (Exon), Solicitor, Partner, Macfarlanes LLP  Editor
Lynnette Bober Lynnette Bober , MA (Cantab), ACA, CTA, Director, Private Client Tax, Rawlinson & Hunter  Editor
Michael Parkinson , LLB (Hons) (Dunelm), Solicitor, Partner, Russell-Cooke LLP  Editor
Martin Davey , LLB, Honorary Research Fellow, formerly Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Manchester  Editor
A M Wilton , LLB, Senior Lecturer in Law, Newcastle Law School, University of Newcastleupon- Tyne  Emeritus editor
Gordon R Ashton , LLB (Manchester), Solicitor, District Judge on the Northern Circuit, Deputy Master of the Court of Protection (retired)  Emeritus editor
Simon Jennings , MA (Oxon), FCA, TEP, Partner, Rawlinson & Hunter, Chartered Accountants  Editor
Simon Ennals , Solicitor, Essential Rights Legal Practice, part-time chairman of Social Security Appeals Tribunal  Editor
Nazreen Pearce Nazreen Pearce , LLB (London), BA (Hons), Barrister of Inner Temple, Circuit Judge on the South Eastern Circuit (Retired)  Editor