Butterworths Road Traffic Service

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Butterworths Road Traffic Service takes a uniquely practical approach to all matters relating to road traffic offences and the relevant law, dealing with the subject offence by offence within specific divisions of the work.

Full details for each offence are given, along with the appropriate precedent, statutory references and supporting case law. All relevant statutes, statutory instruments and relevant parts of the Highway Code are also covered.

Issue 110, September 2020

The following divisions have been reviewed and updated:
Division F Driving Licences
Division G Insurance
Division J Obstruction, Parking and Wheel Clamping Offences
Division M Passenger and Personal Safety
Division N Goods Vehicles
Division O Passenger Vehicles
Division Q Vehicle Testing
Division S Cycles and Motor Cycles
Division X Procedure
Division Y Sentencing
The Tables have been updated


Adrian Turner , Barrister General editor
Nigel Ley LL.M., Barrister at law Editor