Butterworths Road Traffic Service

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Butterworths Road Traffic Service

Issue 122, September 2023

The following divisions have been reviewed and updated:

Division B Dangerous, Careless and Inconsiderate Driving

Division D Accident Offences - Civil Liability, Procedure, Damages and Costs

Division E Proof of Driver Identity and/or Disqualification

Division F Driving Licences

Division G Insurance

Division H Taking and Interference With Vehicles

Division I Traffic Signs, Traffic Directions and Excess Speed

Division J Obstruction, Parking and Wheel Clamping Offences

Division K Motorway Driving

Division L Pedestrian Crossings

Division N Goods Vehicles

Division O Passenger Vehicles

Division P Vehicles Registration and Licensing

Division Q Vehicle Testing

Division R Lighting Requirements

Division S Cycles and Motor Cycles

Division U Brakes, Steering and Tyres

Division V Vehicle Equipment and Instrumentation

Division W Key Concepts


Nigel Ley LL. M., Barrister at law  Editor
Adrian Turner, Barrister  General editor