Butterworths Property Law Service

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Issue 104, June 2020


In keeping with our policy to keep this title as up-to-date as possible the following parts of Butterworths Property Law Service have been updated:

Division II Existing Leaseholds (Laurence Target)
Chapter 1: Pre-Contract
Chapter 2: Exchange of Contracts and Post- Contract
Chapter 3: Completion of Sale of Leasehold Property
Chapter 4: After Completion on Sale of Leasehold Property

Division III Grant of Leases — General (Laurence Target)
Chapter 1: Grant of Leases
Chapter 2: Granting a Lease
Chapter 3: Landlord's Conveyancer Drafting Contract for Grant of New Lease or Underlease
Chapter 4: Approving Draft Contract and Enquiries by Buyer's Conveyancer
Chapter 5: Grant of Lease: Exchange of Contracts and Contract to Completion - Buyer's Conveyancer
Chapter 6: Grant of Leases - At Completion
Chapter 7: Grant of Leases - After Completion

Division IV Grant of New Leases — Residential Properties (Stephen Desmond)
Chapter 1: Summary of Legislation Applying to Residential Lettings
Chapter 2: Tenancies Protected by Statute, with Emphasis on Assured Tenancies
Chapter 3: Leasehold Enfranchisement or Lease Extension for Houses under Leasehold Reform Act 1967, Part 1
Chapter 5: Right to Buy Leases
Chapter 6: Service Charges and Miscellaneous Statutory Provisions
Chapter 7: Notices, Harassment and Protection from Eviction
Chapter 8: Mobile Homes Agreements
Chapter 9A: Long Leases of Flats - General Considerations & Lender Requirements
Chapter 9B: Long Leases of Flats - First Refusal, Appointed Managers, Compulsory Acquisition & Variation of Leases
Chapter 9C: Long Leases of Flats - Management, Perusing the Lease & Other Issues Likely to Arise While Investigating Title
Chapter 10: Collective Right of Buying the Freehold for Long Leaseholders of Flats under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, Part I, Chapter I, As Amended
Chapter 12: Short Term Leases of Houses and Flats

Division IVP Precedents (Stephen Desmond)


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