Butterworths Money Laundering Law

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Butterworths Money Laundering Law provides those responsible for compliance (or for advising others on how to achieve compliance) with everything they may need on suspicious transactions, analysis of the law, guidance as to procedure and relevant materials. The work adopts a practical approach, clearly identifying the scale and complexity of problems posed by money laundering, suggesting best practice where appropriate and providing numerous useful examples.

Issue 69, September 2020


The following sections have been updated:

Division 1: Money Laundering Offences
Chapter 1: Introduction to Money Laundering Offences
Chapter 4: Restraint Orders in Criminal Cases, Freezing Orders and Civil Recovery

Division 2:The Regulated Sector, Introduction
Chapter 8: The creation and development of the Regulated Sector

Division 8: Statutory Materials


Bruce Stuart, Barrister, Lombard Chambers Contributing editor
Diederik van Omme, Simmons and Simmons LLP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Contributing editor
Martyn J Bridges, Partner, Bridges & Partners LLP General editor
Patrick Schleiffer , Partner, Lenz & Staehelin, Zurich, Switzerland Contributing editor
Professor Kern Alexander, Director of Research in Financial Regulation, Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy, University of Cambridge, UK Consultant editor
Stefan Breitenstein, Partner, Lenz & Staehelin, Zurich, Switzerland Contributing editor
Timothy Taylor, Barrister, Lombard Chambers Contributing editor