Butterworths Local Government Reports (Archive)

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**Available as archive**

The series of law reports, Butterworths Local Government Reports, is discontinued with effect from the end of 2015.

All cases reported in the series [1997] - [2015] LGR are to be found on LexisLibrary as an archive source only.

Butterworths Local Government Reports are an essential reference work for lawyers and senior managers in all local authorities, covering many cases which are not reported elsewhere and fully draw out those aspects of special interest to local authorities. The service covers all cases heard in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court and the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

PDF case reports are available for download from 1997 onwards.

Please be aware that the online version of Local Government Reports contains the full text of cases from 1997 onwards (citation 95 LGR). Any hyperlinks relating to previous citations of Local Government Reports, prior to 95 LGR, will contain no information as these cases are unavailable.

Crown copyright material reproduced by permission of The National Archives. The contents of the judgment can be used under the Open Justice – Licence https://caselaw.nationalarchives.gov.uk/open-justice-licence. Crown copyright material only partially represents the activities of the courts and tribunals.


Daniel Stilitz QC Editor
Lord Justice Elias Editorial board member
Mrs Justice Laing Editorial board member
James Goudie QC Editorial board member
Nigel Giffin QC Editorial board member
Jonathan Swift QC Editorial board member
Edward Capewell, Barrister Editorial board member
Christopher Knight, Barrister Editorial board member

This source is no longer updated.
This source is an archive source only: [1997] - [2015] LGR

This source is no longer updated.
This source is an archive source only: [1997] - [2015] LGR



Jonathan Swift  Editorial board member
Daniel Stilitz  Editor
Lord Justice Elias  Editorial board member
James Goudie  Editorial board member
Edward Capewell  Editorial board member
Elisabeth Laing  Editorial board member
Nigel Giffin  Editorial board member