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Issue 235, November 2020

Binder 1 Relationships and their Breakdown
1E Precedents
- Chapter 1 The first interview

Binder 2 Family Courts: Jurisdiction and Procedure
2A Narrative
- Chapter 1 Jurisdiction
- Chapter 4 Costs

2E Precedents
- Chapter 1 General forms
- Chapter 3 Nullity proceedings
- Chapter 4 Divorce, civil partnership dissolution, judicial separation and separation orders: main suit
Chapter 6 Service

Binder 3(I) Children-Narrative
3A Narrative
- Chapter 2 Parentage
- Chapter 3 Parental responsibility
- Chapter 12 Secure accommodation
- Chapter 13 Care and supervision orders
- Chapter 17 Emergency protection order
- Chapter 19 Abduction of children in care or under child protection and recovery orders

Binder 3(II) Children-Narrative
3A Narrative
- Chapter 29 Special guardianship
- Chapter 31 Case management (2): FPR 2010 - overriding objective and key Practice Directions
- Chapter 32 Case management (3): preparation and procedure
- Chapter 33 Experts (1): procedural matters
- Chapter 35 Burden/standard of proof and findings of fact
- Chapter 36 Evidence: law and practice
- Chapter 37 Privilege and confidentiality
- Chapter 38 Disclosure within proceedings
- Chapter 39 Disclosure beyond proceedings
- Chapter 40 Judgment
- Chapter 41 The participation of children in proceedings: professionals involved
- Chapter 42 Children not party to proceedings
- Chapter 43 Children with automatic party status
- Chapter 44 Children made party by order of the court
- Chapter 45 Appeals
- Chapter 46 Media attendance at and reporting of children proceedings
- Chapter 47 Wardship and the inherent jurisdiction

Binder 3(III) Children-Materials
3C Statutory Instruments
- Adoption Agencies (Wales) Regulations 2005
- Family Proceedings Fees Order 2008
- Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (Wales) Regulations 2015

Binder 4(I) Property Money and Tax—Narrative
4A Narrative
- Chapter 2 Child support and financial provision for children: Child Support Act 1991 and Children Act 1989, Schedule 1
- Chapter 5 Financial remedy proceedings: pensions
- Chapter 14 Tax credits and Universal Credit

Binder 4(II) Property, Money and Tax-Materials
4C Statutory Instruments
- Working Tax Credit (Entitlement and Maximum Rate) Regulations 2002
- Tax Credits (Definition and Calculation of Income) Regulations 2002
- Child Tax Credit Regulations 2002
- Tax Credits (Income Thresholds and Determination of Rates) Regulations 2002

4E Precedents
- Chapter 1 Ownership and occupation of family property
- Chapter 2 Child support and financial provision for children
- Chapter 3 Financial provision where there are no proceedings for divorce, nullity or judicial separation
- Chapter 4 Financial provision in proceedings for divorce, nullity, or judicial separation
- Chapter 5 Financial remedy proceedings: pensions
- Chapter 6 Financial remedy proceedings: special considerations
- Chapter 7 Financial remedies: practice and procedure
- Chapter 9 Preservation of assets
- Chapter 10 Applications for financial relief in England and Wales after a foreign divorce, annulment or legal separation
- Chapter 11 Enforcement of orders

Binder 5 Human Rights and International
5A Narrative
- Chapter 3 Reciprocal enforcement in family finance
- Chapter 4 International child abduction
- Chapter 4A Recognition and enforcement of orders concerning children
- Chapter 6 Human rights and the family

Binder 6 Alternative Dispute Resolution
6A Narrative
- Chapter 1 Mediation and collaborative practice


Jonathan Montgomery, BA, LLM, Professor of Law, University of Southampton  General editor
Michael Gration, LLB (Brunel), Barrister, 4 Paper Buildings   Editor
Grant Howell, LLB, MBA in Legal Practice, Solicitor, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys, London   General editor
Sarah Anticoni, LLB, Solicitor, Mediator, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys, London  Editor
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Alex Ruck Keene, Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers   Editor
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The Honourable Mr Justice Williams   Editor
Teertha Gupta QC, LLB (Leeds), Barrister, Inner Temple   Editor
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