Butterworths Employment Law Handbook

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Butterworths Employment Law Handbook is an indispensable reference source of fully-updated statutory, non-statutory and European materials relating to employment law in England and Wales and Scotland. Cross-references to Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law are included, providing a convenient reference tool for use in tribunals.

Part 1 contains statutes, in chronological order as amended and in force as at 15 May 2020.

Part 2 contains the major statutory instruments made under the Acts included in Part 1.

Part 3 is European material, covering relevant Treaty provisions and Directives and Regulation, with subsequent amendments annotated.

Part 4 consists of statutory Codes of Practice and other Statutory Guidance.

Part 5 (miscellaneous materials) includes international materials, Practice Directions, non-statutory Codes of Practice and Guidance, the Employment Tribunal Claim and Response Forms, and useful addresses.

This source is an essential and easy-to-use tool for all employment practitioners.

Butterworths Employment Law Handbook is "… the leading compendium of employment law legislation …" Judge Brian Doyle, then President of Employment Tribunals (England and Wales) - Annual report of the Senior President of Tribunals for 2015, at p 97.

28th Edition, June 2020


Peter Wallington , QC Editor