Butterworths Costs Service

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Butterworths Costs Service contains a complete statement and explanation of the law relating to contentious costs in civil proceedings, costs in criminal proceedings, non contentious costs, public funding and counsel's remuneration. The material is arranged in divisions corresponding to individual jurisdictions and each contains narrative, full texts of relevant source materials, full precedents of relevant bills of costs, practice directions and detailed cross-references. Additional updates can also be accessed via the LexisNexis Dispute Resolution Blog, and Current awareness alerts relating to Costs can also be set up on LexisLibrary.


Issue 143, February 2024


The following Divisions have been reviewed and updated as necessary:

Division B Summary Assessment and Detailed Assessment

Division G Court of Protection

Division J Counsel's Remuneration

Division K Civil Legal Aid and Public Funding

Division L Solicitors' Remuneration

Division M Criminal Proceedings

Court Fees


MasterJason Rowley  Editor
David Chalk  Editor
CJ Lethem  Editor
Peter T Hurst  Editor
Professor Mark Hill QC  Editor
Nicholas Bacon QC  Editor
Louise di Mambro  Editor
Andrew Gordon-Saker  Precedents editor
Judge Simon Middleton Editor