Butterworths Corporate Law Service

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Butterworths Corporate Law Service (BCLS) adopts a practical approach to all aspects of corporate law, including company law, company administration, corporate finance, and corporate transactions, giving a narrative explanation of the law along with practical examples, useful checklists, procedural tables and specimen model accounts.


Insolvency, Parts A to G

The focus of Butterworths Corporate Law Service is matters pertaining to the formation, management and financing of companies and the core transactions commonly undertaken by them, such as joint ventures and takeovers.

Over recent years, insolvency law has developed into a very significant and specialised body of law which it is no longer possible, or appropriate, to address in any substantive way in a company law work. For that reason, the material included in the Insolvency Binders of this work is no longer part of the Corporate Law Service. Rather, where insolvency impacts on company law matters, such as directors? duties, it is addressed in that context. For practical guidance and a comprehensive discussion of insolvency law, please refer to our specialist text, Tolley's Insolvency Law Service.

The precedents from this title are available in BCLS Corporate Precedents


Issue 147, April 2024


The following Chapters have been reviewed and updated:

Corporate Administration and Finance
Chapter 9
Chapter 11
Chapter 13A
Chapter 13B
Chapter 14
Chapter 25


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