Butterworths Civil Court Precedents

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Forms & Precedents

The full text of Butterworths Civil Court Precedents, providing precedents in support of litigation in the county court, High Court and Court of Appeal under the Civil Procedure Rules 1998. Many of the precedents can be filled out on screen, printed and submitted to the appropriate court.


Issue 187, December 2020


Issue 187 of Butterworths Civil Court Precedents includes the following new and updated material:
Division A Preliminaries
Division B Statements of case
Division C Applications, offers, judgments and orders
Division F Appeals
Division H Enforcement
Division J Judicial Review, Statutory Review and Habeas Corpus
Division Q Trusts and Estates
Division V Insolvency


 Andrew Davies , BA (Oxon), of Inner Temple, Barrister Contributing editor
 Andrew Lewis QC Contributing editor
Caroline Willbourne, BA (London)), Barrister and Bencher of Inner Temple; Deputy District Judge of the Family Division; and the One Garden Court team Contributing editor
 Charles Bourne , MA, (Cantab), of Middle Temple, Barrister Contributing editor
 John Gimlette , MA, LLB (Cantab), of Inner Temple, Barrister Contributing editor
 Louise di Mambro , LLB of Middle Temple, Barrister, Registrar of the Supreme Court and Registrar of the Privy Council General editor
 Malcolm Sheehan MA (Oxon), or Lincoln's Inn, Barrister Contributing editor
Mike Hinchliffe, MA (Oxon), Solicitor and Deputy Head of Legal Services CAFCASS Contributing editor
 Nathan Wells BA (Oxon), LLM (Cantab), of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister Contributing editor
 Nicholas Bacon QC , LLB (Hons), Barrister Contributing editor
Peter Dodge, MA (Cantab), of Lincoln;s Inn, Barrister Contributing editor
 Peter Thompson QC , MA, LLB of Lincoln's Inn General editor
 Richard Mawrey QC , MA (Oxon) Contributing editor
Robert Pearce QC, MA, BCL (Oxon), of Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn, Barrister Contributing editor
 Saima Hanif B.A (Oxon), of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister Contributing editor
Stephen Jones , MA (Oxon), of Innter Temple, Barrister Contributing editor