Bulletins Index

Current Awareness

Qualified editors classify articles within LexisLibrary's bulletins providing analysis. Each entry provides a short description of an individual bulletin article including details of relevant legislation or cases, the author and the bulletin citation. Links into the relevant bulletin article are provided, which users may access if they have subscription rights to that particular bulletin. This source dates from 2005.

Bulletins Index is a designated current awareness source. Personalised onscreen and e-mail alerts can be set up using this source and other current awareness sources from the alerts wizard in the Alerts tab area. The last year's worth of content from this source can also be searched in combination with other designated current awareness sources from the current awareness search form. The entire source archive can be searched from the Home page.


Content is available for search using the following parameters:

  • Heading: eg 'Banking Reform: A Price Worth Paying?'

  • Topic: eg 'Criminal'

  • Date eg 'previous year'

  • Freetext eg 'crime w/3 victim'

Personalised email alerts can help you track amendments to legislation relevant to your interests.