BPLS Property Precedents

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Forms & Precedents

BPLS Precedents contains a wealth of precedents covering drafting of legal documents, letters, preliminary enquiries, requisitions on title, undertakings, and all the numerous forms used during a conveyancing transaction. BPLS Precedents work as a stand alone product or can be read in conjunction with the commentary contained Butterworths Property Law Service.

Butterworths Property Law Service provides a comprehensive source of reference on conveyancing, giving step-by-step guidance on each stage of a conveyancing transaction - stating the relevant law, supplying practical advice, relevant materials and documents, and looking at transactions from both the vendor's and the purchaser's point of view.

BPLS Precedents comprises:

Section IP: Freehold Conveyancing Precedents
Section IIP: Existing Leasholds Precedents
Section IIIP: Grant of Leases – General Precedents
Section IVP: Grant of New Leases – Residential Properties Precedents
Section VP: Grant of New Leases – Commercial and Business Properties Precedents
Section VI: Materials

See also Butterworths Property Law Service and Butterworths Property Law Service Bulletins

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