Bingham’s Personal Injury and Motor Claims Cases

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Source Currency: 16th Edition (December 2023)

Bingham’s Personal Injury and Motor Claims Cases is the leading work in this field and is written by experts in personal injury and insurance law. First published in 1946, it provides practical guidance and information to all practitioners involved with personal injury and motor insurance litigation.

Covering all reported cases relevant to claims arising out of road traffic accidents, it is a unique combination of practical procedural advice, legal background and diversity of case summaries within, but not exclusive to, the context of motor claims. It clearly explains the principles behind the assessment of damages and offers advice on practice and procedure in the conduct of claims.

The 16th Edition has been updated extensively to reflect significant changes in motor, insurance and personal injury litigation. Organisational changes have been made that should make referencing information more intuitive.

Key updates in the 16th Edition include:

  • The October 2023 reforms including the advent of the ‘intermediate track’.

  • The development of the law in relation to driverless cars.

  • Recent and ongoing reforms relating to whiplash injuries.

  • Contributors

    Anthony Johnson  General editor
    Robert Riddel  Author
    Piers Taylor  Author
    Paul McGrath  Author
    Emma-Jane Hobbs  Author
    Anisa Kassamali  Author
    Ben Casey  Author
    James Laughland  Author
    Emma Northey  Author
    Rochelle Powell  Author
    James Yapp  Author
    Tim Sharpe  Author
    Elizabeth Gallagher  Author
    Michael Rapp  Author
    Alex Glassbrook  Author
    Sebastian Bates  Author
    Edward Hutchin  Author
    Lionel Stride  Author
    Ellen Robertson  Author
    Helen Nugent  Author
    Charles Curtis  Author
    James Arney KC  Author
    Joanna Hughes  Author
    Paul Erdunast  Author
    David R White  Author