Bill Tracker

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Current Awareness

Bill Tracker on LexisLibrary¬ģ details the progress of all public Bills in Britain: those currently or recently before
-the UK Parliament,
-the National Assembly for Wales
-the Scottish Parliament.
Bill Tracker is updated daily when any of the Parliaments and Assemblies are sitting.

Bill Tracker cites the date each Bill reached a particular stage and clearly sets out the latest stage of each Bill. It contains direct links to the proceedings relating to each stage: parliamentary debates and committee meetings as well as PDFs of Bills as introduced, together with their explanatory notes, where available.
Bill Tracker also includes brief information regarding Bills proposed in the Queen's Speech which have not yet had their first reading and draft Bills, but does not cover local Bills or Bills from the Northern Ireland Assembly.


Content is available for search using the following parameters:

  • Heading: eg 'National Health Service (Right to Treatment) Bill'

  • Topic: eg 'Criminal'

  • Date eg 'previous year'

  • Freetext eg 'crime w/3 victim'

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