Butterworths Family Law Service Precedents

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Forms & Precedents

Precedents content from the respected Butterworths Family Law Service which is the leading work on family law, providing authoritative guidance on the law affecting families and family breakdown.

Relationships and their Breakdown
- The First Interview

Family Courts: Jurisdiction and Procedure
- General forms
- Clauses in petitions to establish jurisdiction
- Nullity proceedings
- Divorce, civil partnership dissolution, judicial separation and separation orders: main suit
- Proceedings relating to status
- Service
- Appeals

Property, Money and Tax
- Ownership and occupation of family property
- Child support and financial provision for children
- Financial provision where there are no proceedings for divorce, nullity or judicial separation
- Financial provision in proceedings for divorce, nullity, or judicial separation
- Financial remedy proceedings: pensions
- Financial remedy proceedings: special considerations
- Financial remedies: practice and procedure
- Preservation of assets
- Applications for financial relief in England and Wales after a foreign divorce, annulment or legal separation
- Enforcement of orders

Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Mediation referral form: private and confidential
- Family Mediation Information and Assessment Form FM1
- Mediation information form
- Agreement to mediate
- Draft agreement for interpreters
- Draft letter for accountants or pensions expert where attending the mediation
- Interim mediation summary: removal from jurisdiction
- Memorandum of understanding: all issues
- Memorandum of understanding: shared care and co-parenting arrangement
- Application under s 8 of the Children Act 1898 for a child arrangements etc order: C100
- Notice of [intention to proceed with] an application for a financial order: Form A
- Suitability for arbitration
- Role of the lawyer in arbitration
- Process of arbitration
- Preliminary meeting checklist
- Template of arbitration award
- Family Law Arbitration Scheme Form ARB 1
- Islamic divorce procedure
- Islamic marriage contract
- Islamic certificate
- Jewish pre-nuptial contract